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As a voice teacher....  


Meredith is an experienced voice teacher for professional, pre-professional, and avocational singers of a variety of ages and genres.  Currently pursuing her MFA in Vocal Pedagogy from Boston Conservatory, Meredith seeks to help students of all ages come to a comprehensive understanding of their voice through enhanced artistry, confident self-expression, and thorough, anatomy and physiology-informed technique.

Meredith is a proud member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), PAVA (Pan American Vocology Association), and the Voice Foundation.  She has completed coursework in voice and speech modalities such as Lessac, Fitzmaurice, and Linklater as well as movement modalities such as Laban and Viewpoints.  She has studied both classical and contemporary pedagogy and finds great joy in helping students train in multiple genres, developing their unique talents while also guiding them towards a variety of sustainable vocal options.  

"Meredith has provided consistent and professional vocal training to me for the past three years! I am so grateful for her knowledge and guidance and credit her for preparing me to audition for multiple shows in which I was cast. She has great instincts when it comes to choosing appropriate material to highlight my voice, as well as to challenge my own expectations so that I can further expand my repertoire and perceived abilities." -Nicole 


"Meredith has been an amazing teacher and a very positive influence in my life for the past four years.  She’s taught me a lot about what I’m capable of with my voice and to use my voice to speak up for what I want to achieve. She is so sweet and encouraging and really cares about my development as a theatre student and as a person!" - Bridget

"Meredith Eib has been a fantastic music and musical theater teacher for my daughter.  When challenges arise during my daughter's training, Meredith adapts her program to support her student's success. She has a positive outlook and inspires her students to learn by utilizing positive reinforcement and customized lesson plans. She also is excellent at producing and directing children's musical theater productions." -Jennifer 

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